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Determining Strategic Points of Entry for Hospital-at-Home Market Explosion

According to the latest research by InsightAce Analytic, the global hospital-at-home (H@H) market size is expected to record a promising CAGR of 47.0% during the forecast period of 2023-2031. Modern Healthcare is equally bullish, projected to grow 50% from $200 billion to nearly $300 billion by 2028.

As the statistics reflect, H@H services could drive one of the most significant transformations in healthcare since the government’s “Meaningful Use” push that incentivized the use of electronic health records or the pandemic-driven adoption of telemedicine.

While the passion for this new revolution is high, many ambiguities revolve around what hospital-at-home actually means. The words may sound intuitive, but many nuances differentiate it from other patient care settings.

In this complimentary executive brief, supported by our sponsor DispatchHealth, learn more about what distinguishes Hospital at Home from home health services. You'll also learn about real-word deployment scenarios from four organizations that launched H@H from various points of entry within their care systems.

A female aid helps a patient in their home

To those looking to kick start their own H@H program in the next five years, technology will be lightyears from where it is today, so always think ahead.”Erin Hodson, MSN, Vice President and Administrator, Inova Medicine Service Line

Download the complimentary executive brief from DispatchHealth here:

Determining Strategic Points of Entry for Hospital-at-Home Market Explosion_DispatchHealth
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DispatchHealth has cared for close to a million high-acuity patients at home nationwide. See how caring for people in their day-to-day environment offers a unique level of intimacy to ascertain needs in a way that traditional facility-based encounters simply cannot. Visit to learn more.

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