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Episode 103: Key Burnout Drivers & Simple Strategies to Dramatically Improve Healthcare

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Dr. Paul DeChant, CEO, Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

CEO, Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, LLC

Introducing: CEO, Paul DeChant, MD, MBA. LLC; Keynote Speaker, Healthcare Leader Executive Coach, Author, National Expert on Healthcare Burnout Topic: “Key Burnout Drivers and Simple Strategies to Dramatically Improve Healthcare”

  • How did you become interested in Healing our National Healthcare System?

  • What are a few key lessons you have learned throughout your various leadership roles in terms of promoting professional fulfillment?

  • What are the main 6 Drivers of Burnout?

  • What are a few key changes we can implement starting today on the front lines that will help reduce turnover and burnout and bring back joy in medicine.

“Paul DeChant helps healthcare leaders effectively engage with physicians, empowering physicians to design a practice they love while actively supporting enterprise-wide success.”

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