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Episode 105: Innovative Strategies and Empowering Advocacy to Revitalize National Healthcare

Updated: Jun 20

Introducing Tina Shah, MD, MPH. Recent Senior Advisor, Office of the Surgeon General. Dr. Shah is a practicing physician with over 10 years of healthcare experience across digital transformation, healthcare delivery and policy. She is the Principal of TNT Health Enterprises, a consulting company that advises public and private healthcare sector organizations on digital transformation, value-based care and clinician wellbeing.

Topic: “Operational Leadership, Innovative Strategies and Empowering Advocacy to Revitalize our National Healthcare System”

  • As a recent advisor to the Surgeon General- would you share some of the National Strategies to Reduce Burnout that you were key in developing?

  • Can you tell us more about the Surgeon General Dr. Murphy’s recent Healthcare-Worker-Burnout-Advisory?

  • How does this Advisory help guide the various stakeholders in integrating Organizational Well-being?

  • As Medical Director for Virtual Health and Practice Improvement at one of Georgia’s largest health systems what project did you oversee that reduced burnout and improved your financial bottom line?

  • What Burnout Solutions are you focusing on with this upcoming Burnout Symposium in NY?

To register for upcoming Healthcare Burnout Symposium June 23-24 in NY – please visit:

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