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Episode 110:Trauma-Informed Care: Framework to Expand Human Connection and Re-Program Safety & Trust

Updated: Jun 20

Introducing Dr. Sadie Ellisseou, our next guest on the Hope for Healthcare Podcast. Dr. Elisseou is a physician in the VA healthcare system, an instructor at Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine, and a nationally recognized expert in trauma-informed care (TIC), a well-established framework for supporting survivors of physical, sexual, psychological, and trans-generational trauma. Dr. Elisseou creates evidence-based platforms to train professionals in trauma-informed practices and enjoys education, research, speaking, and consulting in the field of TIC.

Topics to Discuss:

  • How did you become interested in developing a Trauma Informed Physical Examination as well a TIC (trauma Informed Care) Curriculum?

  • What are the 6 Core Principles of TIC and how can this improve both personal, professional and organizational resilience?

  • You also recently had the privilege of speaking with the 14th Dalai Lama!!

  • What did you both decide is the necessary tool needed for both individual and system trauma healing?

  • How is TIC an "Anchoring Framework" for resolving healthcare burnout and promoting a psychologically safe, empowering and healing environment for patients, clinicians and leaders?

  • You also consult with organizations outside of the healthcare industry on trauma informed principles, how has your approach helped to re-build system-wide trust, safety and cohesiveness?

  • How can TIC help to reduce the stigma of mental health care?

Dr. Elisseou’s mission is to promote healing in the world by inspiring compassion-driven cultural change in professional organizations globally. She believes that trauma-informed principles should be applied to all professional practices, from interpersonal interactions to systemic operations, as a means of building resilience.

Affectionately called "The Healer's Healer," Dr. Katie Cole is an award-winning psychiatrist and consultant who is on a mission to end costly physician burnout.

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