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Episode 115: How to Make the Business Case for Healthcare Organizational Well-Being

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

I had an enlightening and Hope-Full conversation with Dr. Christopher Lehrach, Chief Physician Executive Officer at Nuvance Health. What I love most about our discussion is the step-by-step approach to evaluating your own organization, and where to begin with shifting our culture of medicine and healthcare. Dr. Lehrach believes in starting first with leadership culture.

Title: "How To Make the Business Case for Healthcare Organizational Well-Being"

  • What is your Holistic, Evidence-Based Approach to promoting your own organization's well-being? * What must be prioritized in order to have a Healthy Healthcare Workforce?

  • How do you empower your staff, employees and leaders to support your Well-Being Initiatives?

  • What is the essential component of creating a healthier culture of medicine as well as an organization?

  • How are you creatively communicating with your front line clinicians about your organization's understanding about current problems, and your approaches to solving them?

  • How does this create a sense of value for your clinicians?

Listen to the complete podcast to hear the discussion. Affectionately called "The Healer's Healer," Dr. Katie Cole is an award-winning psychiatrist and consultant who is on a mission to end costly physician burnout.

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