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Episode 117: How to Lead by Example with Integrity, Humility and Inspiration

Updated: Jun 20

I had the absolute honor and privilege of interviewing Dr. Richard Carmona, our 17th U.S. Surgeon General. I was very humbled to hear about his own childhood experiences impacting his journey to becoming the U.S. Surgeon General. Dr. Carmona shares so much wisdom with us including his "hard knock lessons" learned over the past 5 decades in medicine, military, politics and his many impactful, diverse leadership roles.

My takeaways: "Listen more and talk less" , "lead with your values, with integrity and authenticity being your top value" and "a true leader is responsible for the destiny of others."

Our National Healthcare Mission should be: " We want a society that can live younger, longer, happier, healthier and cheaper".

Please listen to our discussion with an open heart and open mind on how we can move forward together and transform our culture of medicine.

We welcome your feedback!!

Title: "How to lead by example with integrity, humility and inspiration: words of wisdom from our previous 17th U.S. Surgeon General: Dr. Richard Carmona"

Topics of Discussion:

  • What were some of your key takeaways during you term as U.S. Surgeon General? * What do you consider to be top attributes in an Outstanding Leader?

  • Where do we begin to break down mental health barriers for our Healthcare Workforce, Veterans and our Patients?

  • What aspects of solid leadership are foundational for us to rebuild our national healthcare system?

  • What degree do you wish you had studied before becoming U.S. Surgeon General?

  • What are Epigenetic Inputs, and how does understanding the complexity of our diverse cultures, health and well-being create preventative health-CARE?

Listen to the complete podcast to hear the discussion. Affectionately called "The Healer's Healer," Dr. Katie Cole is an award-winning psychiatrist and consultant who is on a mission to end costly physician burnout.

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