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Episode 119: How The Veterans Health Administration is Spearheading Culture Transformation

Updated: Jun 20

I had the privilege of interviewing my friend and colleague, Dr. Kavitha Reddy on how she, along with her team at the Veterans Health Administration are re-designing their healthcare culture over the next several years by focusing on creating a healthier work environment for all employees, and patients!

Title: How The Veterans Health Administration is Spearheading Culture Transformation through Designing a Model of Well-Being for both Patients and Employees

Our Topics of Discussion:

  • How does your Whole Health Approach with the VHA empower your patients and employees to live their lives to the fullest?

  • What are some key initiatives that your organization has deployed to address the top drivers of burnout?

  • How has your Whole Employee Health Program positively impacted your workplace perceptions, reducing turnover and promoting supervisor/manager leadership training?

  • What are some of the top lessons you have learned over the past several years in terms of implementing successful well-being initiatives?

  • Why is leadership an essential component to cultural transformation in healthcare?

  • What is the Re-Boot Task-Force? How is this impacting staff and employee well-being on a national level?

Listen to the complete podcast to hear the discussion.

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