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Episode 121: Addiction & Recovery for Executives & Healthcare Professionals

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

I am privileged and proud to introduce you all to Steve Wolt! He is the CEO and Founder of Veritus Solutions, a virtual outpatient, confidential recovery treatment program for executives and healthcare professionals. We had the most authentic discussion on addiction, the recovery process, and how Steve himself was able to permanently heal his addictions by understanding and addressing his own underlying root cause.

If you are an executive or healthcare professional, and you are struggling with any type of addiction, or you may even know someone who is struggling, please listen to this uplifting podcast discussion- and reach out to Steve!

Topic Highlights:

  • Please share with us about your own journey with healing from addiction, and why this propelled you to build Veritus Solutions

  • How does your tele-health experience increase access to care, reduce stigma and improve outcomes?

  • How do you protect confidentiality especially for physicians, nurses and clinicians? * In what ways do you integrate physician/nurse peer coaching into your recovery and leadership coaching program?

  • Why is it foundational to address PTSD and trauma healing in your recovery program?

Listen to the complete podcast to hear the discussion.

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