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Healthcare Burnout Symposium is partnering with Ending Physician Burnout Global Community

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Press Release – For Immediate Release

ICDevents and Ending Physician Burnout Global Summit Announce Collaboration to Build Awareness while Advancing Skills needed for Burnout Prevention of all Healthcare Workers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – ICDevents’ Healthcare Burnout Symposium is partnering with the Ending Physician Burnout Global Community & Summits (EPB), an organization dedicated to improving physician well-being, to give voices around the globe a platform on how to address, reduce, and eventually eliminate healthcare burnout. EPB's ultimate goal is to restore the joy in practicing medicine for physicians, nurses, clinicians and all healthcare workers.

Burnout not only affects clinicians, but also the entire health system and the patients who depend on quality medical care. International Conference Development and the Ending Physician Burnout Global Community & Summits, announced their collaboration in gathering thought leaders and stakeholders for in-person and virtual events to address the many facets of burnout, such as time constraints, technology and regulations amongst physicians, nurses, and all healthcare workers.

“When our healthcare workers struggle, we all lose. We can’t have good health without them,” said Bill Doherty, ICD President and Director of Healthcare Burnout Symposium. “It’s critical that our leaders come together to identify and implement the solutions to the burnout crisis. This collaboration will help them do exactly that.”

“I wished an event focused on healthcare worker well-being existed ten years ago when I was suffering from burnout and depression after experiencing a life changing event. We are happy to begin collaborating with ICDevents and bring together some of the greatest healthcare leaders from across a wide variety of perspectives, all committed to helping clinicians move beyond burnout and achieve professional fulfillment. This is an excellent opportunity for networking with, and learning from, the best in the field.” says, Jonathan Fisher, MD.

Support will begin with the upcoming Healthcare Burnout Symposium at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero Hotel, San Francisco, January 24-26, 2022, to address physician, nurse, clinician burnout as a public health emergency that requires immediate action.

Kelcey Trefethen, M.Ed., Co-Founder, Ending Physician Burnout Global Summit states “After working in healthcare compliance and occupational health and safety for over a decade, I was tired of being fatigued, reminded to stay in my lane when it came to wellbeing efforts, and most of all was fed up with the way myself and my colleagues were burning out at rapid rates. Dr. Fisher and I are excited to be collaborating to create a space that further heals our healers for all healthcare professionals within the Ending Physician Burnout Global Community.”

The incessant pressures of the pandemic have worn out healthcare workers and hospital systems are struggling to find ways to support the well-being of medical personnel as the cumulative effects of stress and fatigue build and lead to increased suicide rates and mental health impacts. For every 400 Physicians that commit suicide each year, an estimated 1,000,000 patients are impacted. This collaboration will focus on the urgent need to install programs that can address transforming workflows, management systems and cultures that drive burnout.

Click here for the full agenda & list of distinguished faculty:

About ICDevents: International Conference Development, LLC (ICDevents) produces high-quality conferences and tradeshows in a broad range of industries. Utilizing intensive, detailed market research, ICDevents creates targeted events designed to encourage companies to send their entire teams to problem-solve, network, and brainstorm with other industry leaders, consultants, and suppliers.

About Ending Physician Burnout Global Community & Summits: We help healthcare providers and leaders around the world prevent, heal and reverse burnout, by ultimately experiencing more joy and meaning in the practice of medicine. Our efforts are based on the core principles of optimal human health, well-being, and performance and benefit all aspects of self care, patient care and public health. We nurture and grow a multi-disciplinary global community of collaborators working towards a single purpose: to end burnout. We collect, engage in, and share resources and research into individual and organizational (systems based) best practices. We create beacons of hope, including online and live spaces, workshops, and events for sharing real world stories, educational resources, and practical strategies for implementing change. We partner with wise and compassionate individuals and organizations who provide support and resources that are helping heal the heart of healthcare.

Contact: For information, contact: Bill Doherty, Conference Director,


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