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PFAC-tor Award Winners Announced for Excellence in Patient Family Advisory Councils

One of the key learnings from the pandemic has been just how important the collaboration between providers, patients, and families is. More and more Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) are actively involved in innovative co-design that leads to meaningful enterprise improvements in care delivery, ROI, patient satisfaction, and most importantly, improved patient outcomes.

For this reason, ICD Healthcare Network created the PFAC-tor Awards to recognize excellence in collaboration between providers and their most important constituents. The entries submitted fell into several categories which reflected just how specialized the PFACs have become based on the priories of those enterprises.

“In many cases, PFACs have been criticized for simply being a formality with little tangible effect on the healthcare organization. These winning submissions show that nothing can be further from the truth. PFACs indeed drive positive change and innovation while increasing patient and employee satisfaction scores.” said Frank Cutitta, who chaired the awards ceremony this year at the Patient Experience Symposium in Boston.

The winning PFAC-tor entries for 2023 are as follows: Enterprise-wide PFAC/FAV Initiatives

Boston Childrens’ Hospital

Regional Patient Advisory Council (RPAC)

Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Post Pandemic PFAC

Newton Wellesley Hospital (Massachusetts)

Oncology, Adult and Pediatric PFACs

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

System-Wide Partnerships - Patient and Family Partnership Council (PFPC)

Northwell Health (New York State)

PFACQS for Men’s Health & ER

St Bernard Hospital (Chicago)

PFAC for Diversity and Co-Design

Southcoast Health (Massachusetts)

Story Corps PFAC

Tampa General Hospital

Quality and Safety (PFACQS™)

Medstar, Georgetown, DC

PFAC for Medical Grand Rounds

Tufts Medical Center, Boston

PFAC for Nurse Leader and Purposeful Hourly Rounding

Tampa General Hospital

General PFAC – Ether Dome Challenge

Massachusetts General Hospital

Story Corps PFAC

Tampa General Hospital

“ICD recognizes the leadership, creativity, and innovation factors in the implementation of all patient and family advisory councils, and these outstanding examples of projects from around the country will inspire other health care systems to expand PFACs for improved patient care.” says Bill Doherty, ICD President and producer of the Patient Experience Symposium.

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