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The ICU Diary of Hans Maas

“My wife felt very supported by the diary. When she woke up in the mornings, she would read in the diary and saw, ‘alright, it’s going well’. Then she wouldn’t need to call the hospital right away.” - Hans Maas

Post-ICU is the digital diary that alleviates Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) symptoms. Families and nurses work together in journaling for the patient to record day-to-day social, sensory, or visual events. Post-ICU can easily be shared across time zones, distances, and devices. Moreover, the digital diary is compliant with standard US hospital security, legal and privacy practices. The patient (or their legal guardian) is always in control of who can read or contribute to their diary.

Read Hans' story below.

Post-ICU_Hans eDiary
Download PDF • 2.11MB

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