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Workshop A: Your Money Matters

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Jonathan Moss, Director, Medical Practice Business Services, Baystate Health Andrew C. Jaffee, Wealth Management Advisor, Apollon Wealth Management Brian Case, Certified Financial Planner ™

Having a sense of autonomy helps protect against burnout. Financial freedom is a key element of achieving autonomy. To be financially free, one doesn’t need to be independently wealthy or retired. Financial freedom is derived from being confident about one’s lifelong financial plan, being oriented to where one is on the plan, and navigating to remain on course.

  • Review the links between professional fulfillment, career autonomy, and financial independence

  • Identify some of the scientifically proven financial tools and techniques to navigate lifetime finances

  • Recognize the stages of a financial plan and provide a perspective on a life beyond healthcare burnout and truncated livelihood

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